Pool Season is Here!!

Summer is coming fast! The pool opens on Saturday, May 27th at 11:00 am.  Reminder that entry to the pool requires a pool pass.  No exceptions.  If you have not yet obtained your pool pass, please contact Sequoia Management.  

As a reminder, the Reflection Riptides swim team practices weekday evenings (until school is out) and uses a portion of the pool together with residents during regular pool hours.  Early pool closure and delayed opening schedule can be found posted at the pool. 

On opening day, there will be a neighborhood get together.  Come out and meet your neighbors! Children's activities and food will be provided.

Saturday fun day!

Start this weekend by coming to the pool to cheer on our Reflection Riptides against Hunters Creek! Bring your sunscreen.  Meet starts promptly at 8:30 a.m.

In the evening, bring your blanket or lawn chairs and enjoy our Movie Under the Stars! This Saturday's feature is The Martian. This film is great for our older children, teenagers, and adults. (Look for the white lights and large screen under the trees, near the pool) Movie start time is 8:00 p.m.


Come to the pool parking lot on Saturday, May 28th between 2 and 5 p.m. to enjoy a neighborhood party.  There will be a D.J., food, and plenty of games for the children.  This is a great way to meet your neighbors!  Hope to see you there!

Be on the lookout...

The newsletter will be delivered within the next few days, which has information on the upcoming creek cleanup, as well as swim team registration information.  The swim team pages of this website have been updated with the current registration information.

Bring your friends and neighbors to help clean up our creek on April 16th!

Come on down for the RHA Annual Easter Egg Hunt!

Hop on over to the Pool House and join us for the annual Egg Hunt on Saturday morning, March 26! Kids up to age 12, along with parents, are welcome to participate.  Make friends while searching high and low for eggs stuffed with stickers, toys, and candy. Hunting begins at 9am sharp, and is expected to end quickly, so don’t be late! For more information contact the Social Committee at rhaboard@sequoiamanagement.com


Kiss and Ride

Multiple complaints have been received about parents using Rowles Place in the townhomes as a drop-off/pick-up location for their children attending Hutchison Elementary, in order to avoid the Kiss and Ride line at the school.  This is not acceptable.  Not only are the residents of Rowles Place not able to access their parking lot, but this is a danger to the children who are running all through the street attempting to locate their parent's vehicles.  Police enforcement and towing is to commence with continued violators.

The Board has recently met with a representative from the Fairfax County Police. . .

On February 23rd, Board representatives met with a night shift Lieutenant with the Fairfax County Police Department.We spoke at length concerning enforcement issues in our community.. specifically, overcrowding, stored vehicles on our public streets, fire lane/hydrant violators, and Rowles Place being used as a make-shift Kiss and Ride location.

The officer advised that stranger-on-stranger crime in our community is very rare.  He added that most of the arrests made are for occasional drunk in public behavior or issues regarding homelessness.

 There are 8 officers on patrol in the Reston Station area, except during rush hour periods when overlapping shifts provide double coverage.  So, there may be delays with response to some calls, with dispatch triaging requests for service according to severity.

 There is a practice in the region called 'Car-Hopping" where criminals, especially youths, will work their way along a line of cars trying doors to find vehicles which are unlocked.  Clearly, his recommendation to all of us is to keep our cars locked.

 The Lieutenant's primary recommendations were that everyone who has seen, heard or has suspicion about illegal, threatening or dangerous behavior please call 9-1-1 in the case of emergencies and to absolutely call the Non-Emergency Number (703 - 691 - 2131) as often as residents can to report other activity.  If you see something that should not be happening or suspect it is, he insists that each of us call.  There are no stupid questions or inappropriate reports.  Just call.

 In the event of community-wide issues, the more of us who call the Non-Emergency number the better chance of getting actions.   The number of calls can have a direct effect on officers coming out to check on something.

 In addition, he asked that our board of directors of RHA (or the Board of Lake Homes, for their residents) be used as the primary point of contact with the FCPD for on-going problems.  BUT, he emphasized, each resident should also call independently.

 Callers do NOT have to identify themselves.  If several neighbors call on the same issue -- even if they are not personally identified -- that will enhance the potential for police response.

 Finally, if the caller feels that an officer (in a Non-Emergency situation) should be sent out here, then the caller should ask that an "officer be dispatched here."

 Emergencies can include: All health emergencies; acts of violence where the perpetrator either is around or might be; situations where there is reason to believe that an attack of some sort is soon to happen or could happen.  Anything involving a firearm or the use of any other deadly weapon.

 Non-Emergencies can include:  noise complaints, overcrowding-related issues; illegal parking (blocking fire lanes, double parking for extended periods, etc.) and other quality of life issues which require police assistance. 

 Clearly, whether something is an Emergency is for each of us to determine on our own.   But NO ONE SHOULD BE HESITANT TO CALL THE POLICE.