The Aftermath. . . One week later

Well, we all made it through a historical snowstorm with only minor inconveniences, under the circumstances.  An overwhelming number of neighbors banded together to help each other get through the clean up.  For the most part, our neighborhood has returned to normal.  

In that regard, all remaining furniture and/or objects that are found on any of the streets, or parking areas, throughout the community, will be removed and discarded.

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The physical removal of snow has been ongoing all day.  Our contractor is, as of now (8:00 p.m.) towards the end of Saunders Drive, steadily working each street.  Once the last street is done off of Saunders Drive, they are then moving to the streets off of Springer.  The contractor intends to work throughout the night, and will not leave our neighborhood until every street has been completed, or if the temperatures drop below freezing to where it is too difficult for the snow to be removed overnight.  If this happens, they will return tomorrow to finish.  If you still have furniture placed in parking spots, please remove it as soon as possible. The equipment can not clear out the parking spaces appropriately if there is furniture placed in them.  Also, there are cars that are parked across multiple parking spaces, in an effort to "save" parking spaces, and there are cars parked in makeshift parking spaces at the entrances to individual streets. This is not only in violation of our parking regulations, but is not being courteous to your neighbors. Again, the snow removal equipment CAN NOT appropriately clear the parking spaces, or the corners of our streets if cars are not parked in designated spots. Remember our goal is to have ALL parking spaces cleared of snow.  

Republic Services has notified us that they will NOT be picking up trash in the townhomes again tomorrow.


In the townhomes, while most of the mounds of snow have been removed from behind cars, unfortunately this is not the case for all.  We are being told that these remaining mounds will be removed tomorrow.  The physical removal of snow has not yet commenced, as not every street was able to be kept passable throughout the day, and therefore the equipment was not able to be brought in.  PLEASE, when you shovel out your car, DO NOT shovel the snow into the roadway.  This is hindering the snow removal process.  We can not stress this enough.  Several streets have had to be re-plowed several times due to residents continuously shoveling so much snow into the roadway that they become impassable.  The contractor is going to attempt to bring in their equipment tomorrow to start the physical removal of snow process.

In the detached homes, unfortunately VDOT did the same thing at the end of our public streets, in blocking residents into their driveways with 6 foot high/4 foot thick, snow mounds.  While we have no control over VDOT's snow removal process, if you are blocked in this fashion, please let us know.  We can attempt to gather a crew of volunteers to help you dig out.

There will be no trash pickup by Republic Services for detached homes tomorrow.


We are all in agreement that the snow removal has not been as quick as we had anticipated or expected.  We have been assured from our contractor that the snow will start being physically removed from our streets tomorrow.  As of now (8:50 p.m.) a bobcat is working his way down each individual street relocating the mounds of snow from behind cars that was placed there temporarily throughout the storm.  He is also having to re-plow, to open back up, multiple streets due to people shoveling the snow back into the middle of the street, from around their vehicles.  Please do not do this, as it is slowing down progress throughout the neighborhood.

Please note that we have been informed that Republic Services will NOT be picking up trash tomorrow due to the extreme conditions.


While it is anticipated that our area will receive a severe snowstorm this weekend, the Board has been taking every precaution necessary to lessen the impact to our community, as much as possible.  Parcher Avenue, Saunders Drive, Springer, and all of the detached homes streets are public, and are maintained by VDOT.  Unfortunately, we have no control over the snow removal efforts on these streets.

The individual townhome streets are maintained by the Association.  Our snow removal contractor is contracted to begin snow removal efforts when the snow accumulation reaches 2 inches.  At this point, snow removal will be ongoing throughout the snow event.  During the snowfall, the focus will be on maintaining a roadway for safety and emergency ingress and egress purposes.  Once the snowfall has ended, snow removal will begin on the individual parking spaces, and clearing the corners of each street.  DO NOT PLACE INDIVIDUAL PIECES OF FURNITURE IN THE PARKING LOT, OR IN PARKING SPACES.  The snow removal machines will not be able to clear the parking spaces if they are loaded with furniture items.

PLEASE be courteous to your neighbors.  Please shovel the sidewalk in front of your home.  If you have an elderly or ill neighbor, please help them shovel as well.  We are a community, and need to help one another to make our neighborhood a great place to live.

January 20, 2016 - There was a recent claim of a coyote sighting in our neighborhood. It is common for a fox to be mistaken for a coyote, however, it has been noted that coyote sightings have increased in Fairfax County in recent months. Fairfax County has recently put out a list of coyote awareness tips.  You can access the tips here.

January 7, 2016 - We have been in contact with the trash company, Republic Services, today.  Apparently, our representative from Republic provided us with the incorrect dates for Christmas tree pickup.  The correct date is Monday, January 11th.  Please place your Christmas trees curbside for pickup on Monday.  As always, any trash (including the Christmas trees) are not to be placed out until after dusk the night before trash day.  Any violators of this policy will be cited.

January 6, 2016 - There has been a complaint that Republic Services did not pick up Christmas trees on the scheduled day of January 6th.  Republic Services has been contacted for an explanation as to the lack of service.  Republic has also been asked as to whether they can issue smaller trash bins to those residents who request them.  We will communicate Republic's answers as soon as they are received.


January 5, 2016 - Updates to the street light repair project are/will be posted to the Street Lights page.


Christmas Tree Disposal -

Christmas trees are scheduled to be picked up by Republic Services in the townhomes on Wednesday, January 6th and Wednesday, January 13th.  Please place your Christmas trees curbside for pickup.  If you do not take advantage of these scheduled dates, you must arrange for Republic Services to pick up your tree, at your own expense.


UPDATE December 11, 2015 parking change FAQ

During the December 8th 2015 RHA HOA Board of Directors meeting, many homeowners asked questions about the upcoming changes to the parking rules.
That meeting agenda intended to address the homeowners’ concerns and misunderstanding of this new parking rule. In the spirit of transparency, the HOA Board assembled the following Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) compendium to answer the questions most frequently asked during that meeting. Should additional questions come up, please send them by email to The new questions will be aggregated and their corresponding answers will be added to this FAQ.

1. Why do the parking rules need to change?
Answer 1: The HOA Board has been advised by the Association’s legal counsel that the written governing covenants prevent the HOA Board from partitioning out communal properties (in this case, the parking spots) for private use of individual homeowners. Therefore, we must immediately revert our current parking system to the non-individual parking in order to comply with the law.

2. Why couldn’t the residents vote on this change?
Answer 2: This change is legally mandatory for all the homeowners, and is a legal requirement that every homeowner must follow. The board has no say on the matter.

3. How will the current parking situation change?
Answer 3: The HOA Board sent letters to all town home owners in November 2015, posted a bulletin on the RHA website (below), and attempted to communicate this information in the last HOA meeting in December. Each attempted to explained that the present parking system, comprised of individual parking spaces, had to revert to the open community parking without privatized parking spots. Homeowners will still require stickers to park, however, will be issued two stickers as opposed to only one. Just like before, homeowners not current on their HOA dues may not receive stickers.

4. When will the change take effect?
Answer 4: The change is effective immediately and will be enforced starting January 1st 2016. All cars parked on the painted parking spots will require a sticker.

5. The numbered spaces are being erased (painted over) now (December 2015). Will my car be towed between now and January 1st, when the new system will be enforced?
Answer 5: No, your car will not be towed between now and December 31, 2015 regardless of a sticker on your vehicle. Normal parking guidelines will still be enforced however, such as parking in a handicap spot without a handicap placard or plate. Sequoia Management has mailed out the new stickers starting the week of December 10th, 2015. Towing has been suspended until December 31, 2015. Towing (for cars without a sticker) will resume on January 1st, once all stickers will be received and have had time to be placed into vehicles.

6. I recently purchased my home, and was told that I was also purchasing the parking space. How can you take away something that I purchased?
Answer 6: Unfortunately, if you were told that you were purchasing the parking space, then you were not given accurate information from your real estate agent. The town home parking lots are considered common area, much like the sidewalks, the pool and the playground. These common areas are owned by all homeowners of the HOA, and are for common use and enjoyment. The common areas use is described in your covenants. Your realtor agent was required to give you the covenants prior to your home purchase.

7. During snow events, I shovel out my parking space, only to find that someone is parked in it upon my return home.
Answer 7: The Board is currently revisiting our snow removal contract to cover the snow removal from parking spaces in addition to the usual snow removal from the streets. In previous years, the contractor would only remove snow from individual parking spaces as a final clean-up measure, which sometimes would not be until several days after the snow event.

8. I have a handicap spot, what will happen to it? Will I lose it?
Answer 8: If you already have a handicap parking spot, it will not be removed nor repainted. However, you will not retain personal parking privilege to that one handicap parking spot. Essentially, the handicap parking spot will become communal like any other handicap parking spot, open to anyone with a handicap placard or car plate. As for any handicap parking spot violation, you may report the violation as usual to the Fairfax non-emergency phone number (Fairfax County: Voice/TTY 703-691-2131 The HOA only handles the handicap parking spot implementation but it does now, nor has not, handle or report handicap parking spot violation.

9. I haven’t received my stickers yet! What should I do? 
Answer 9: If you have not received your stickers by December 20th, please contact Sequoia Management immediately (at or 703-803-9641) to determine the problem and to get you stickers as soon as possible. Stickers were reported as received as early as December 12th. As long as the new stickers are properly affixed before January 1st 2016, you will not have problems. Also, keep in mind that just as it has always been, if you are not current on your dues, you may not be eligible to receive stickers until your dues are paid up to date.

NOTICE – November 18, 2015

  It has come to our attention that there has been much inaccurate information circulated throughout the community concerning parking. This Notice is meant to clarify, and to correct, the incorrect information being circulated.
  Reflection Homes Association (the “Association”) legal counsel has recently instructed the Association that we MUST revert to our previous parking policy, and to remove the assignment of parking spaces. The reason being, that in the Association Covenants, the townhome parking lots are designated as Common Area. By law, the Association cannot designate Common Area to be for the exclusive use by individual owners. 
  What this means is the following: The townhome parking policy will be returned to what it was prior to the assigning of individual spaces. Each townhome will be assigned two (2) parking stickers, which will be enforced between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m., as it is currently. The new stickers will be mailed in December, which will take effect January 1, 2016.