Status as of September 12, 2017:

As discussed at the homeowners meeting, the Board has submitted a proposal to Supervisor Foust's office concerning public street parking throughout our neighborhood. The proposal is to designate our public streets in an RPPD (Residential Parking Permit District).  However, it would be a "modified" version of the RPPD as to the townhomes, and the "standard" RPPD as to the detached homes.

The standard RPPD (detached homes only) would allow permits to be issued to each home for vehicles that are registered to that home.  One visitor permit is allowed.

The proposed modified RPPD (townhomes only) would allow a maximum of two (2) permits to be issued to each townhome for vehicles that are registered to that home.  No visitor permits are issued.  These permits are for public street parking (Parcher, Saunders, and Springer).  These are in addition to the two (2) parking stickers that are currently issued to allow parking in the HOA lots.

The Board has spent considerable effort in trying to come up with a solution to the public street parking issues throughout the community.  We believe that this proposal is not only workable for every home in our community, but will also resolve several other issues at the same time (namely: overcrowding, stored vehicles, correctly registered vehicles, parking from adjacent neighborhoods, etc.).

While this solution may not be perfect, it is by far the best solution.  Unfortunately, unless the County agrees with modifying the RPPD standards with regard to the townhomes, implementing the standard RPPD (even in a portion of our neighborhood) will not work.  It would only create more stress on the adjacent streets, and will not help resolve any of the other issues referenced above.

The current status is that we are awaiting feedback from Supervisor Foust's office.  He is in the process of talking through this proposal with the various County departments involved.

Once we hear back from Supervisor Foust, this web page will be updated.  PLEASE also attend the monthly HOA meetings for any face-to-face question and answer sessions.  The meetings are held on the second Tuesday of every month, starting at 7 pm.